Saturday, April 28, 2007

Pacific Coast Results!

BOS: "Habanero" - Her 3rd jr leg, will be a senior next show!
BOSV: "Stitch"
B & C: (was actually happy to see consistent placings between 2 very different judges)
BOB: Mist At Dawn - Her 3rd BOB in a row, also 3rd & 4th legs.
BOS: "Stitch" - now has 6 legs!
A show I worked with Joy Ekstrom for my registrar's license. Not only was this my first show, but she had never worked with anyone before, so I think she was just as excited as I was. I probably could have done a lot better, but I certainly didn't make any huge boo-boos like dropping rabbits
B show I worked with Vern Palmblad. Was more of an interesting ordeal as he had me place and comment [several] ND classes, in which, I know very little about. I did however only sustain one bite from a *nasty* french lop buck that should have never been entered in a show anyways, live and learn, then get loves. So I got to work with Netherlands, English Lops, Americans, French Lops, American Fuzzy's, Dwarf Hotot's and Champagnes.
I do remember Show C, RIS was a EL by Judy Rossner and BIS was a bkn black Satin, although I am unaware of the owner. long weekend, sold a couple rabbits, had a ton of fun, good show, couldn't have asked for more. Canby is on the 19th, lookin forward to that FUN show!!!
[oh did I mention I *finally* got my results back from ARBA, I passed my test (of course!) and was able to work 2 shows this weekend because it was a triple, the A being Friday!]

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