Monday, December 15, 2014

Winter is coming

Just got through our first fall storm. A LOT of rain, and a considerable amount of wind for our area.

Everything in the barn is bred or on a litter except for Kallie and a doe we just picked up.

Something Bad weaned her litter and we sent her down to Red Bluff to sell. Reba weaned her litter and we're going to keep her with a nearby friend.

Pearl had a litter of 5 by Zachary
Juliet had a litter of 6 or 7 to Ace
Borgais had a litter of 4 to Burnin It Down

Cal does are due around Christmas and Something in the Water is bred to Last Stand, Perfect Storm is bred to Burnin It Down

Lots of litters coming for next year. Excited for the crosses!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Fall is here :)

RVRF. Took BOB & BOS in both shows. Ace and Pearl were the winners

Albany, Took BOB & BOS in A. BOSB in B and BOV. Winners were Ace and Something in the Water

Sold one of the original bucks and 2 jr does to a local couple wanting to start their own meat operation. Processed the fryers. On average everyone was over 5.5 lbs and dressing ratio was 60%, Limited fat, everything looked good on the inside. A little over 30lbs in backs & legs, The other half was rib cages/shoulder meat which will go for enchiladas and the rest was organs for my dog.

Somethin Bad & Reba have kindled thus far. Meat pen does are both bred back. I need to re-breed Perfect Storm (DOA), Juliet (miss), and of course Kallie and Pearl. Hoping to get that accomplished this week....

Next show is Eugene :)

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

We made it through!

Since my last post was early June, I figure I'd update that we made it through a he**acious summer. The western US has been so dry -- we even had to have our well guy out once and were without water for about a week! Triple digit temperatures were very common if not a lot of 98 & 99.

Yesterday was the first day of fall and today we have been blessed with rain. After this summer, you will never catch me complaining about the rain ever again. Ever.

The rabbits. Made it. Lost a few. Just starting to get condition on a few of them worthy of showing a few this weekend at our RVRF show. I entered 5, will take 6 and am judging. I ended up judging a few county fairs and crescent city, all were great experiences.

The fall show line up includes RVRF, possibly Kennewick, Albany, Eugene, a show in South Carolina and Red Bluff. Small but sweet.

Trying to gear up for a great convention next year in Portland, Oregon (YES!), so I did not sell anything for Texas this year. I retained everything and am breeding heavy.

What do I have ?

Mini Lops:
Opal Doe from Reba and & WCM - bred to Last Stand
Juliet - Bkn Black doe - bred to Lil' Trucker
Last Stand - Chocolate Chestnut Buck from Reflection & WCM
Reba - bred to Ace
Borgais- bred to Ace (from Cucumber)
Lil' Trucker - Chin buck from Cucumber
Bkn Blue doe from Reba and Romero (inbred) and bred to WCM an outcross
Pearl (eventually will be bred to Ace)
Chestnut Doe from Reba and WCM
Jinx (on loan from Lisa Davis)
Chestnut buck from Jinx and Smokin Hot Tin Roof
Kallie - on a litter with 3 bucks by Zachary. Will be re-bred

Cal Project - Down to 3 does the 2 bucks and I think we were left with 21 freyers. I prefer mine a little bigger so I am growing them out until the first week of October. Just wont have time this weekend so am postponing it.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Oregon State Convention

OR State Convention always, always brings back floods of memories. I've gone to this show since a young youth. My very first trip to Newport I basically just went up Friday night, showed a French Lop in the specialty (when lop numbers were huge!) and picked up my Mini Lops from Nicole Velotta. Competed in royalty many years and the banquets were always one to remember. Nothing much has changed.

The venue changed, its now just an hour from home in a HUGE building with plenty of room for everyone. The people have come and gone. The numbers were smaller. But it was fun.

Judged all weekend and had a great variety of animals come across my table. The polish I picked Friday night won RIS. The Mini Rex I picked won RIS. The Holland that came across my table in A won BIS. The Silver Fox I picked on Sunday won RIS. A lot of good animals to learn from. Great people, great judges.

Kallie won BOB for her final leg on Friday, for a total of 5. She stressed during the night (like she did at Reno) and so I eventually pulled her from the last show. Going to try to get her bred in these next couple of days. I also need to re-breed the Satin doe, and unless I sell Ref I need to find something to breed her to since I dont want her sitting open.

The banquet was a lot of fun. I was actually quite shocked for the number of people that came. When we used to go as a youth the numbers were menial. The building was packed. It was Vern's 90th birthday but that did not stop him from an impressive auction to raise money for the Forestler Fund for Oregon Royalty kids. It wasnt as extreme as years past but people still put up good numbers.

Got out relatively early on Sunday so I was still able to make something of my day. Have been working on the dog run, getting it ready for Diesel. And have been working a LOT in the barn. My To Do List is still long, but working on it with each day off.

Next rabbit show? Hoping to request the labor day show off and actually go this year. Because the stretch to RVRF in late September is a long one.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Meat Project

It is no secret that I extreme downsized on my Mini Lops and filled those cages with Californians and a Satin. This is the lowest # of ML's I've had in 10 years. It hurts, like no other to see all those years of work practically go down the drain. I kept what I wanted, and will produce a few litters and just show here & there. That's what I like. I KNOW I can't be super competitive this way, but right now in my life -- it's only right. My paycheck only extends so far after bills and feed and since they aren't bringing in a lot of income, I have to keep things to a minimum.

On the upside, I've dabbled in meat rabbits here & there. I haven't really raised any since my last few years in 4-H where I got into market pens & fryers. We've replaced our diet with a lot more chicken and rarely any beef. Prices do affect this, but since my dad spent 5 months in the hospital, since he came home his diet has changed. He can't really process red meat and quite frankly, I'm ok with not eating it too. Chicken is expensive. I hate buying it from the store.

Rabbit meat is better for you. It tastes just as good. And in addition to having a puppy where dog food is insanely expensive, I'm hoping to meet two goals: produce enough rabbit to have stored to make use of a few times a week, and to feed my dog raw liver/lung/kidney & hearts & replace one of his meals with cooked rabbit. Plus I have an insane rabbit jerky recipe that is way healthier than any beef jerky you can get in the store.

I got my meat bunnies at the end of March. I had to buy them as babies. Watching them grow up is a painful process, but each day they are making the wait worth it. They are growing by leaps and bounds -- they are massive little creatures and are just coming up on 4 months. I had to get rid of the American chin lot, but the Satin doe did have 7 babies bred to a Champagne D Argent buck.

So I am tracking how much I have spent on the project and end of December I'll try to determine how it all adds up! :) Wish me luck.

Friday, May 9, 2014

West Coast Classic -- last year in Reno

Reno was super fun. I got to the show in time for BIS on Saturday and was able to get my rabbits unloaded and 2 of the sale buns dropped off. Got a good nights sleep. Sunday started well .... I ended up judging a good slate ... Americans, Champagnes, Cremes, Satins, Dwarf Hotots, Rhinelanders, & Flemish Giants. It was also a rewarding experience to judge the Best of the Best competition with some of the best judges around. I met a lot of new people, saw a lot of great rabbits, and not a single hiccup in the show. Good luck to the WCC moving to Las Vegas next year!

I picked up a doe from Lisa Davis to borrow. She bred her to one of her bucks at the show. As a 6th ML I think she will make a great addition.

Reba just kindled 9 babies to White Chocolate Mocha yesterday. There are some dilutes in there and they will be chocolate/lilac carriers to use for that part of my line. Syrah is also bred to WCM and Ref has a couple more weeks with her litter by him. I haven't decided what I will do with her since I wont have anyone to breed her to in a while...

Probably going to skip the Klamath Falls show this weeekend. So we'll get ready for OR St Conv. Can't wait :)

Saturday, April 19, 2014


Down to 5 Mini Lops, officially. Zachary, Reflection, Reba, Syrah, and Kallie. Have 6 jrs I am growing out and might keep 2 of them. 3 are sold for Reno. I might pick up a doe to borrow to keep the lops going.

Meat rabbits, we have the 6 Cals, and I also traded some culls for a white Satin doe bred to a Champagne buck, and traded a registration for a American Chinchilla doe and her 5 babies.So we'll be on our feet in no time with a litter to grow up and one on the way. The Cals are growing by leaps and bounds. Put them on Purina Professional and I forgot, forgot how much I loved this feed. Since all of the meat rabbits will be on it, having a few extra lops on it shouldn't cost too much, so we're considering making it a permanent switch. Still have a lot to think on.

Reno is creeping up. A lot of my plans shattered due to work, but Ill still get to go down for a night and Sunday. So more business than pleasure. But it'll be the last year in Reno so super excited.

Need to have a bit of work done on my car first. Creeping up on 100K miles so a little bit of preventative maintenance will go a long way.

We're all a go for Roseburg/Oregon State Convention. Super excited for it :) Might hold Kallie off from breeding and that would be her last show.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Up from here :)

So I finally got down to 7 Mini Lops and I celebrated early by picking up some Californians. I picked up 6 from Kassi Sieber and then a jr doe from a friend of a friend. Im hoping to go into full-time meat production to feed my family and my dog. Its my goal and a bit more of a hope.

I have to have the rabbits be "profitable" in some way. Ive been putting so much feed into them and not getting anything out as far as sales or show results.

Pear Blossom RBA/Western Frontier was good. Kallie (michelle x zachary) picked up 4 legs. I ended up judging on Sunday so thanks to Heather for getting my girl to the table. Little Todd won all shows.

Count-down for Reno is on. Super excited. :)

Friday, March 7, 2014

30 Things I learned in my 20's

Life after college is rougher than anything I ever imagined. Some days I feel like I'm 24 going on 40. I got this idea off another blog and decided to spin it to real things I've learned. 
1. Wine > vodka. Probably because I'm allergic to vodka. Im a real sucker for tequila or whiskey though. 
2. Disney movies will never get old. Seriously they make you feel like a kid. Finding Nemo never gets old. 
3. Tell your family you love them as much as possible. You never know when shit will happen. My dad was in the hospital for 4 months where I fell apart and couldnt tell him this enough.  
4. Drinking & driving is not worth it. Neither is texting. Still need to work on these more. 
5. Mexican hole-in-the-wall restaurants have the best margaritas. Miss el' presidente so so much! 
6. You’ll fail a couple of times. Its a part of growing up. 
7. If you need help with money, don’t continue to struggle. I ended up having to take out a loan 3rd year in college. Don't max out credit cards or ruin your credit score. 
8. Not everyone is going to like you. Live with it. 
9. You can never have too many shoes. Life is too short. Just buy them! 
10. Stand up for your beliefs
11. Sometimes you just need to cry. Necessary 
12. Traveling is the best money you can spend. Biggest regret, not traveling right after college. I wished I would have traveled and saw the west before I started working. Now I cant because I cant get time off. 
13. Exercise. Your health is everything.
14. Wait to get a puppy, they’re a lot of work. Going through this one right now 
15. Wait to have kids. Yes.... muchly. 
16. Use sunscreen. Fried suntans are no fun 
17. Moisturize!
18. Chamomile tea. Its a lifesaver. 
19. Get in the best shape of your life — working on this. 
20. LIVE OFF COFFEE. and Redbull 
21. Set goals and actually try to reach them. Have soo soo many goals right now. 
22. Smile more.
23. Never lose touch with your siblings and cousins.
24. Don’t forget to call dad.
25. Being single isn’t the worst thing in the world. I'll admit it sucks, but Id rather be happy not having an asshole than having one. 
26. Set your alarm, and actually get up. Lifes too short to sleep in. 
27. The real world can be really cold.
28. God’s timing is perfect.
29. Remember to take pictures. Snapshots in time 
30. You’re only in your 20s for 10 years. Live em up. 

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Still reducing

Still trying to get down to half a dozen Mini Lops. I feel like it might take a while just because I am still so addicted and indebted to this hobby. I have however, have made it to 10 after the Turlock show.

Zachary, White Chocolate Mocha & SNV2 for bucks
Michelle, Reba, Reflection, Blizzard, Kallie, RP1 and Syrah for does

Michelle had 6 yesterday, and Reba had 7. Blizzard is due sometime soon as well.

Our next show is the Pear Blossom show end of March

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Looking up

My dad was finally released from the hospital on Christmas eve. It was a miracle really. Things have all been positive a few weeks later and we're climbing the tall mountain back up.

I ended up getting rid of a few more rabbits, I got a few does bred, McBride to Pond on 12/25 and Reba to Romero & Michelle to Pond on 1/5. We'll be letting go of 2 more of the chocolate juniors with this in mind.

My first rabbit show since September is this weekend. I am judging at St Helens, I haven't gone to this show since I went as a judge assist and worked with Erik Bengston. It's a great show, but so far away. It's for a great cause though, to raise money to have the ARBA convention in Portland, OR in 2015. So I'll leave friday morning for that. I am not showing any rabbits, and I dont intend to bring any for sale. But I will bring a carrier incase I find something that I want ;) I am looking for a good herd ML or a pair or trio of meat rabbits.

On a sad note, I am losing my lifelong dog Chopper, of 9 years to bone cancer. I took him to the vet last tuesday and the diagnosis was unexpected. We will be putting him down shortly after I get back from this trip. Just a rough start to 2014!