Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Oregon State Convention

OR State Convention always, always brings back floods of memories. I've gone to this show since a young youth. My very first trip to Newport I basically just went up Friday night, showed a French Lop in the specialty (when lop numbers were huge!) and picked up my Mini Lops from Nicole Velotta. Competed in royalty many years and the banquets were always one to remember. Nothing much has changed.

The venue changed, its now just an hour from home in a HUGE building with plenty of room for everyone. The people have come and gone. The numbers were smaller. But it was fun.

Judged all weekend and had a great variety of animals come across my table. The polish I picked Friday night won RIS. The Mini Rex I picked won RIS. The Holland that came across my table in A won BIS. The Silver Fox I picked on Sunday won RIS. A lot of good animals to learn from. Great people, great judges.

Kallie won BOB for her final leg on Friday, for a total of 5. She stressed during the night (like she did at Reno) and so I eventually pulled her from the last show. Going to try to get her bred in these next couple of days. I also need to re-breed the Satin doe, and unless I sell Ref I need to find something to breed her to since I dont want her sitting open.

The banquet was a lot of fun. I was actually quite shocked for the number of people that came. When we used to go as a youth the numbers were menial. The building was packed. It was Vern's 90th birthday but that did not stop him from an impressive auction to raise money for the Forestler Fund for Oregon Royalty kids. It wasnt as extreme as years past but people still put up good numbers.

Got out relatively early on Sunday so I was still able to make something of my day. Have been working on the dog run, getting it ready for Diesel. And have been working a LOT in the barn. My To Do List is still long, but working on it with each day off.

Next rabbit show? Hoping to request the labor day show off and actually go this year. Because the stretch to RVRF in late September is a long one.

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