Wednesday, September 24, 2014

We made it through!

Since my last post was early June, I figure I'd update that we made it through a he**acious summer. The western US has been so dry -- we even had to have our well guy out once and were without water for about a week! Triple digit temperatures were very common if not a lot of 98 & 99.

Yesterday was the first day of fall and today we have been blessed with rain. After this summer, you will never catch me complaining about the rain ever again. Ever.

The rabbits. Made it. Lost a few. Just starting to get condition on a few of them worthy of showing a few this weekend at our RVRF show. I entered 5, will take 6 and am judging. I ended up judging a few county fairs and crescent city, all were great experiences.

The fall show line up includes RVRF, possibly Kennewick, Albany, Eugene, a show in South Carolina and Red Bluff. Small but sweet.

Trying to gear up for a great convention next year in Portland, Oregon (YES!), so I did not sell anything for Texas this year. I retained everything and am breeding heavy.

What do I have ?

Mini Lops:
Opal Doe from Reba and & WCM - bred to Last Stand
Juliet - Bkn Black doe - bred to Lil' Trucker
Last Stand - Chocolate Chestnut Buck from Reflection & WCM
Reba - bred to Ace
Borgais- bred to Ace (from Cucumber)
Lil' Trucker - Chin buck from Cucumber
Bkn Blue doe from Reba and Romero (inbred) and bred to WCM an outcross
Pearl (eventually will be bred to Ace)
Chestnut Doe from Reba and WCM
Jinx (on loan from Lisa Davis)
Chestnut buck from Jinx and Smokin Hot Tin Roof
Kallie - on a litter with 3 bucks by Zachary. Will be re-bred

Cal Project - Down to 3 does the 2 bucks and I think we were left with 21 freyers. I prefer mine a little bigger so I am growing them out until the first week of October. Just wont have time this weekend so am postponing it.

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