Monday, October 20, 2014

Fall is here :)

RVRF. Took BOB & BOS in both shows. Ace and Pearl were the winners

Albany, Took BOB & BOS in A. BOSB in B and BOV. Winners were Ace and Something in the Water

Sold one of the original bucks and 2 jr does to a local couple wanting to start their own meat operation. Processed the fryers. On average everyone was over 5.5 lbs and dressing ratio was 60%, Limited fat, everything looked good on the inside. A little over 30lbs in backs & legs, The other half was rib cages/shoulder meat which will go for enchiladas and the rest was organs for my dog.

Somethin Bad & Reba have kindled thus far. Meat pen does are both bred back. I need to re-breed Perfect Storm (DOA), Juliet (miss), and of course Kallie and Pearl. Hoping to get that accomplished this week....

Next show is Eugene :)

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