Saturday, April 26, 2008

PCRCBA Results +

Since I'm still somewhat exhausted, I will keep it short and sweet.

A : Karen Fischer - NY

LHHR's Boomerang - BOS 5th leg!
(BOB was "Hope" owned by Jen Hibbs/Joy Ekstrom)
LHHR's Summer Dreamin - BOV 2nd leg!
LHHR's Maid Dignified 1st
LHHR's Buster Blue 2nd

B: Tom Keyes - OR

LHHR's Boomerang - BOSV
LHHR's Maid Dignified - BOSV 3rd leg!?
LHHR's Summer Dreamin - BEST OF BREED 3rd leg!
*SD and MD were my keys, when bred to Boomerang, their babies will be eligible for a gold seal registration sticker!
BOS was "Ian" owned by Jen Hibbs/Joy Ekstrom. will have to confirm how they are related to my stock but I am glad she is doing well with her Mini's too

anyways, had I fun. I even sold a bunny :) and dropped off the two to Mandy... she will be taking them up to WA for Amy of Stormie Haven Rabbitry.

After I got home I moved all the rabbits around... have a couple more movements tomorrow.
Kokomo gets her box tomorrow.

Klara & SourCream's babies are doing good. I especially like Klara's litter.... I wished I had gotten more marked babies in the litter but I'm very lucky I got a single one :)

Yreka.... will be showing Boomerang, Summer and Dignified for sure. Considering showing HHD, chestnut jr. doe. She's getting pretty beefy and with another 2 weeks she may just be slighty "competitive". I will bring 3 to raffle off for the youth (quality bucks, to get more interest in Mini's in N. Cali) and will bring the rest of whatever I have to sell.

I got my KW stuff on Thursday, I was really excited. I used my new carrier bottles today and hopefully, within the next couple of weekends I'll be able to hook up the auto-water :)

I must end with some bad news (thought I'd get the good out first) My old dog died Thursday evening. We brought "Buddy" home while my dad was in the hospital for his first major cancer sugery in October 1994. He was a black lab/pitt bull cross, having lived a happy, long life -- couldn't have asked for a better dog life. It was simply his time to go and it was sad for all of us..... my dog Chopper misses him the most... He's always had a companion dog or two to live with... and now he is all alone! :(

Chopper (left) and Buddy (right) August 2005

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Random thoughts

I took pics of all the juniors and babies :) Here is what we are thinking :
RMM - "Milktip" is going to be a big gal like her parents. Since we can't show her, we plan on breeding her in June. :)
HHD - Coming along very nicely in body -- Her head doesn't match too well with her big body right now, but both her parents were fine in that area? so we'll see.

BD - We wanted to keep the doe, because we really didn't need another buck, but the one buck is oh so impressive!!! We may just have to keep him...

LH1 - with 4 bucks and 1 doe, and the doe being very nice, we are keeping the Smoke Pearl Chin from Lela and Hollywood :) The other 4 bucks are nothing to complain about, but we would like to find them show/breeding homes because they are too nice to pet out.

Klara and SourCream are doing very well with their litters, no losses and they look to be taking after daddy for the most part. I will be keeping Klara's VM buck and there are plenty of does to choose from in SC's litter, so we will decice on one later. SourCream's 2nd litter will be with Mr. Miami we have decided, afterwards both will be up for sale.

Myrtle Point is this weekend.... yay?
Here is who we are showing:
  • LHHR's Boomerang - *GC 4 legs
  • LHHR's Summer Breeze - Reg. 1 leg
  • LHHR's Buster Blue - Reg.
  • LHHR's Maid Dignified - Reg. 2 legs

I would really like to get a 3rd leg on Maid Dignified, she really deserves it..... honestly. And I was looking last night, if she granded, and I bred her to Boomerang, the kids would have a GOLD seal pending their registration. that is something I've always wanted to accomplish, and have been close many, many, many times [but consquently, the does have never granded].

Hopefully my KW stuff will come this week, so I can use my new carrier bottles. If not I will just double up on crocks but the bottles don't slosh all over.... We're still working on getting the barn clean.... we had meant to finish dumping trays today, but it SNOWED! [and still is] and just the other day I almost got a burn from the 90* weather.... what's up with that?!

Regardless, we still have some cages and equipment to sell, I think I will bring one of the cages filled with equipment to sell.... I need to have the one side of the barn clean so we can move the cages to the other side temporaily. I am also on the lookout for *very* lightly used (or in very good condition) stacking cages with trays.... I just cant find the money to buy new ones, esp after my $200 order from KW.... but I would like to have some overflow cages for next summer and future use. I'm in no big hurry, but I'll keep my ears open.

We will be doing some breedings in June.... I will post more on that later but I am pretty stoked, Mr. Miami and Hollister will be two of the bucks we use, and hopefully can offer them for sale after the live arrivals.

Speaking of June..... OREGON STATE CONVENTION catalog is out! Here is the information: This has got to be one of the best shows in Oregon :)

After this weekend's show, we will post who will be going to Yreka with us. :)
And if you are wondering what the top pictures are about, they are what started my whole rabbit hobby, Butterscotch and Carmel.... found these pics on a CD while looking for something else. Pics via 1999 or 2000, about a year or two before they died.
I am also updating the website right now, so check back for updates!!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Small Updates

2 more rabbits left today (Ex. Roman and LGER), opening up a hole and relieving the juniors with a little more space.

2 rabbits will leave next Saturday hopefully (Lela and Buster Blue).

MAD kindled today, 3 days early. She had 11, 3 living (so far) -- outcome does not look good. All charlie marked as far as we could tell. If she loses the 3, we can re-breed her to Buster, hoping her 3rd time will be successful.

Kokomo is due the 30th and Habanero on the 4th. We have no more does to breed for a while so these will be the last 2 to have babies for the time being.

We are going to head to Myrtle Point, stressful decision since we didn't have a lot of reasons to go, but oh well. I need to go to a show for fun, no work... just showin the bunnies and trying to sell some juniors :)
We will have Bridget's 2 Chestnut Bucks for sale, and Lela's 4 bucks (chestnut, seal, opal and smoke pearl). We also will bring Taco Man to sell. We will show 3 or 4.

Worked all day yesterday, getting an array of things done. It hit 90*, which is NOT normal for April weather. It was insane! Besides trimming the horses, today has been primarily to relax. It's way too humid out to do anything productive anyways. Only a few weeks left of school, currently trying to find another job for the summer and get things done! (which has been more possible now that Mike's family is on a road trip).

Not much else to say, might edit the website tonight if I get time. :)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Settling down the costs

Was looking at my old 4-H records, how I had kept every recipt to keep track of feed & equipment costs.....

2008 (so far) - 374.74
2007 - 735.48
2006 - 797.26
2005 - 543.84
2004 - 274.78
2003 - 165.64
2002- 34.95 (when I started 4-H & started to keep recipts)

These prices include feed, oats, barley, waterbottles, J-feeders, misting system, aut0-water, leg stands, trays, bedding ect. Rabbits not included :) Maybe tomorrow I'll post those records....

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Pondering the "Show List"

We have had to limit our shows this year, but I am still trying to make it to the big ones. :)

In a couple weeks, is the deadline to PCRCBA Spring Triple open show..... but I'm not so sure if I "should" go. I don't have a reason [I'm not working, no rabbits to sell or transport ect.] and I only have about 4 or 5 rabbits I "could" show. But it's back yard [2 or 2 1/2 hours] and it wasn't that bad of a show last year. So I will decide soon on if I "should" go.

Then I am registering at Yreka, on May 10th. It's pretty close show and has always been fun! I will bring some equipment to sell [I sold A LOT there last year], some rabbits to sell and raffle off for the youth, work, and I may have some juniors to show? If not I will pull up a list of seniors to show.

I will skip Canby and Portland. I loved those shows last year but I can't do three big shows in a row... ha ha! I will send a pair up to Canby though who will be going up to Washington.

Then..... getting closer and closer is OREGON STATE CONVENTION! I will be going up Friday sometime [time unknown due to hectic schedule that week] but if they have one this year, we will for sure make it to the Judges Conference [which was awesome last year]! But I can't find much listed on that right now.... so we'll see. If not, there is a double open on Saturday, and a Single Open + Single Youth on Sunday. I will also be registering there so that is another plus to going, even though we would be going regardless. Saturday evening is the banquet, which we will attend... always fun stuff there!

After that we probably won't attend a show until county fair.....that show list will be limited. We will surely go to Crescent City for Labor Day :)