Saturday, April 26, 2008

PCRCBA Results +

Since I'm still somewhat exhausted, I will keep it short and sweet.

A : Karen Fischer - NY

LHHR's Boomerang - BOS 5th leg!
(BOB was "Hope" owned by Jen Hibbs/Joy Ekstrom)
LHHR's Summer Dreamin - BOV 2nd leg!
LHHR's Maid Dignified 1st
LHHR's Buster Blue 2nd

B: Tom Keyes - OR

LHHR's Boomerang - BOSV
LHHR's Maid Dignified - BOSV 3rd leg!?
LHHR's Summer Dreamin - BEST OF BREED 3rd leg!
*SD and MD were my keys, when bred to Boomerang, their babies will be eligible for a gold seal registration sticker!
BOS was "Ian" owned by Jen Hibbs/Joy Ekstrom. will have to confirm how they are related to my stock but I am glad she is doing well with her Mini's too

anyways, had I fun. I even sold a bunny :) and dropped off the two to Mandy... she will be taking them up to WA for Amy of Stormie Haven Rabbitry.

After I got home I moved all the rabbits around... have a couple more movements tomorrow.
Kokomo gets her box tomorrow.

Klara & SourCream's babies are doing good. I especially like Klara's litter.... I wished I had gotten more marked babies in the litter but I'm very lucky I got a single one :)

Yreka.... will be showing Boomerang, Summer and Dignified for sure. Considering showing HHD, chestnut jr. doe. She's getting pretty beefy and with another 2 weeks she may just be slighty "competitive". I will bring 3 to raffle off for the youth (quality bucks, to get more interest in Mini's in N. Cali) and will bring the rest of whatever I have to sell.

I got my KW stuff on Thursday, I was really excited. I used my new carrier bottles today and hopefully, within the next couple of weekends I'll be able to hook up the auto-water :)

I must end with some bad news (thought I'd get the good out first) My old dog died Thursday evening. We brought "Buddy" home while my dad was in the hospital for his first major cancer sugery in October 1994. He was a black lab/pitt bull cross, having lived a happy, long life -- couldn't have asked for a better dog life. It was simply his time to go and it was sad for all of us..... my dog Chopper misses him the most... He's always had a companion dog or two to live with... and now he is all alone! :(

Chopper (left) and Buddy (right) August 2005

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