Sunday, April 13, 2008

Small Updates

2 more rabbits left today (Ex. Roman and LGER), opening up a hole and relieving the juniors with a little more space.

2 rabbits will leave next Saturday hopefully (Lela and Buster Blue).

MAD kindled today, 3 days early. She had 11, 3 living (so far) -- outcome does not look good. All charlie marked as far as we could tell. If she loses the 3, we can re-breed her to Buster, hoping her 3rd time will be successful.

Kokomo is due the 30th and Habanero on the 4th. We have no more does to breed for a while so these will be the last 2 to have babies for the time being.

We are going to head to Myrtle Point, stressful decision since we didn't have a lot of reasons to go, but oh well. I need to go to a show for fun, no work... just showin the bunnies and trying to sell some juniors :)
We will have Bridget's 2 Chestnut Bucks for sale, and Lela's 4 bucks (chestnut, seal, opal and smoke pearl). We also will bring Taco Man to sell. We will show 3 or 4.

Worked all day yesterday, getting an array of things done. It hit 90*, which is NOT normal for April weather. It was insane! Besides trimming the horses, today has been primarily to relax. It's way too humid out to do anything productive anyways. Only a few weeks left of school, currently trying to find another job for the summer and get things done! (which has been more possible now that Mike's family is on a road trip).

Not much else to say, might edit the website tonight if I get time. :)

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