Thursday, April 3, 2008

Pondering the "Show List"

We have had to limit our shows this year, but I am still trying to make it to the big ones. :)

In a couple weeks, is the deadline to PCRCBA Spring Triple open show..... but I'm not so sure if I "should" go. I don't have a reason [I'm not working, no rabbits to sell or transport ect.] and I only have about 4 or 5 rabbits I "could" show. But it's back yard [2 or 2 1/2 hours] and it wasn't that bad of a show last year. So I will decide soon on if I "should" go.

Then I am registering at Yreka, on May 10th. It's pretty close show and has always been fun! I will bring some equipment to sell [I sold A LOT there last year], some rabbits to sell and raffle off for the youth, work, and I may have some juniors to show? If not I will pull up a list of seniors to show.

I will skip Canby and Portland. I loved those shows last year but I can't do three big shows in a row... ha ha! I will send a pair up to Canby though who will be going up to Washington.

Then..... getting closer and closer is OREGON STATE CONVENTION! I will be going up Friday sometime [time unknown due to hectic schedule that week] but if they have one this year, we will for sure make it to the Judges Conference [which was awesome last year]! But I can't find much listed on that right now.... so we'll see. If not, there is a double open on Saturday, and a Single Open + Single Youth on Sunday. I will also be registering there so that is another plus to going, even though we would be going regardless. Saturday evening is the banquet, which we will attend... always fun stuff there!

After that we probably won't attend a show until county fair.....that show list will be limited. We will surely go to Crescent City for Labor Day :)

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