Saturday, April 19, 2014


Down to 5 Mini Lops, officially. Zachary, Reflection, Reba, Syrah, and Kallie. Have 6 jrs I am growing out and might keep 2 of them. 3 are sold for Reno. I might pick up a doe to borrow to keep the lops going.

Meat rabbits, we have the 6 Cals, and I also traded some culls for a white Satin doe bred to a Champagne buck, and traded a registration for a American Chinchilla doe and her 5 babies.So we'll be on our feet in no time with a litter to grow up and one on the way. The Cals are growing by leaps and bounds. Put them on Purina Professional and I forgot, forgot how much I loved this feed. Since all of the meat rabbits will be on it, having a few extra lops on it shouldn't cost too much, so we're considering making it a permanent switch. Still have a lot to think on.

Reno is creeping up. A lot of my plans shattered due to work, but Ill still get to go down for a night and Sunday. So more business than pleasure. But it'll be the last year in Reno so super excited.

Need to have a bit of work done on my car first. Creeping up on 100K miles so a little bit of preventative maintenance will go a long way.

We're all a go for Roseburg/Oregon State Convention. Super excited for it :) Might hold Kallie off from breeding and that would be her last show.

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