Sunday, January 12, 2014

Looking up

My dad was finally released from the hospital on Christmas eve. It was a miracle really. Things have all been positive a few weeks later and we're climbing the tall mountain back up.

I ended up getting rid of a few more rabbits, I got a few does bred, McBride to Pond on 12/25 and Reba to Romero & Michelle to Pond on 1/5. We'll be letting go of 2 more of the chocolate juniors with this in mind.

My first rabbit show since September is this weekend. I am judging at St Helens, I haven't gone to this show since I went as a judge assist and worked with Erik Bengston. It's a great show, but so far away. It's for a great cause though, to raise money to have the ARBA convention in Portland, OR in 2015. So I'll leave friday morning for that. I am not showing any rabbits, and I dont intend to bring any for sale. But I will bring a carrier incase I find something that I want ;) I am looking for a good herd ML or a pair or trio of meat rabbits.

On a sad note, I am losing my lifelong dog Chopper, of 9 years to bone cancer. I took him to the vet last tuesday and the diagnosis was unexpected. We will be putting him down shortly after I get back from this trip. Just a rough start to 2014!

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