Sunday, November 24, 2013

Finally some positives

post 100 days in the hospital, my dad is now ready to be transferred back up to the IRC center to do his rehab, and hopefully within the first few months of 14' he'll be looking at a prosthetic leg. Its all been a climb, a few weeks ago we were looking at the worst, but things have turned around now for the better.

Work has been keeping me afloat. Among many to-do lists on my days off. The holiday season doesn't make it any better for getting things accomplished.

We've had our first frosts. No frozen waterbottles or stock tanks. Pipes got into the ground finally and we're pretty set on other things. Right now we're focusing on pastures for next year and getting a few things done around the house via a contractor.

In the meantime I got rid of a bunch of rabbits. I am down to 10 SR/Jrs and growing out 8 babies that will eventually turn into 2 or 3. I don't plan on re-expanding until I know what is going on, and I will still have some bucks to sell next month or in January. I got rid of a few I really didn't want to, but at the same time it was necessary.

What's left?

Reba  (needs to be bred)
White Chocolate Mocha - Jr Buck
Romero - for sale after litters on ground
Ponderosa - for sale after litters on ground
Blizzard - older jr to be bred at age
Zachary Jr - still on the fence on keeping him
McBride (needs to be bred)
Tan - hoping to find a home soon
Reflection - on a litter
8 babies from Smart Nicole and Michelle
Michelle (needs to be re-bred)

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