Friday, April 13, 2007

And they are ALL . . .

Okay, not all bucks, but nearly all darned's worth.
Cloey x Hollywood
*Bkn Black Doe
Black Buck
Chin ?
Bkn Chin Buck
Chestnut Buck
Chestnut Buck
*Bkn Blue Buck
*Bkn Blue ?
*BknBlue ?
Jenie x Hollister
*Bkn Black Buck
Bkn Black Steel Buck
Seal Buck
Chin Doe
Opal Buck
*Bkn Smoke Pearl Doe
*Bkn Smoke Pearl Buck
Even though I got a lot of bucks, I am super impressed with the quality of these guys. The litter of 9, on whole are lil' smaller than the litter of 7, but that was a large litter for the doe to be raising, she did one good job. The * denotes which ones I will be keeping past 8 weeks. The other ones will go, I like them, but I have people calling and e-mailing for rabbits, hopefully they will want some bucks, lol!!!

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