Saturday, December 15, 2007

Cold & Foggy

Despite the wonderful Oregon weather we have been having lately, the chores must go on!

I started the morning off putting Bridget and Honey in with Drizzt for a slight hope that one or oth of them will get bred! They will remain together for a couple of days as long as no blood flies. We have done colony breedings in the past, just not lately.

We weaned Klara's "litter" Klara ended up only having 3 kits, and sadly, we lost the Blue Eyed White buck last night, which was *very* depressing! We noticed he was a bit on the smaller side about a week ago, he had stayed in the back of the cage for a while, but everything else was fine. :( So the BEW doe and Orange buck recieved their own cage, as Klara is bred again, to Hollywood Dun It! We hope she has a nice litter for us. :)

We are glad to be using just 20 cages, having 20 rabbits. That is a number we surely are not used to, but will have to get used to for the next few years. Even yet, we would like to get down to 15! Which means I will have to find myself to part with 3 more rabbits (2 are already on hold) and not have very many babies, or replace their sire's/dam's entirely. Not an easy task I might add.

We're still in the process of "upgrading" the barn. We have yet to get the auto water system figured out for our stackers, we need to get 6 solid dividers, need to sell 7 cages so we can buy 4 new ones [that match our others!] Plus we have no further use for those 7 cages, we never really liked using them anyways!

So now that I took a small break, I need to go out and finish dumping and cleaning the rest of the trays. :)

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