Saturday, March 27, 2010

Bunny Updates!

Did a photo-shoot while I was home. Everyone was in need of a new photo! Website is updated.... but I wanted to show them off with my thoughts!
Stitch - looking pretty good for his old age!
Melinda - was bred to Matthew for an April litter!
a cute little buck!
Rylee - just one shot of her.... so beautiful! Will be shown @ the PBRBA show on 4/10. Then will likely be bred.
Brianna - will be shown @ PBRBA on 4/10
2 Chestnut Does from Kristie & Money Maker
Buck (left) & Doe (right)
Funny story about this buck.... I had to cull half the litter. I decided I wanted to keep a doe since I was buck heavy... so I threw out the boys... but then I said "What if?" and I pulled this little guy out & the very first time I looked @ him I said "a baby Twitch" and he went back in his mommy's cage! Kristie is Twitch's mom, and Money Maker is Twitch's son, and I think it was an *excellent* cross :) He doesn't look as good in this picture as the first time I posed him up, but you get the idea :)
Kristie - looking beautiful on her litter
Theodore :)
Dream Maker - my new buck from Amy! He carries chocolate and we have intentions of breeding Rylee to him!
Matthew - will be leaving for WCC @ the end of the month. So we bred him to Melinda :)
Henry - will be for sale after we breed his mom to him (which we think will be a nice cross).
Madonna - my new doe from Amy! She was bred by Lisa & is out of Bam-Bam and Dagwood. Can't wait to use her!
Obnoxious - looks funny in this picture but she wasn't too cooperative. Will be breeding her to Henry probably sometime in April

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