Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Almost done!

4 finals down, with 1 to go on Thursday evening! So far this week has gone well, but now begins studying for my "real" final that's left.

On Friday, I will be driving up to Beaverton to drop off my roommate. I will then head through Portland to drive up to central Washington to see my sister and nieces! I think it will be a good relaxation/fun couple of days. On my way home, I am stopping to pick up a pair of Mini Lops (will have more information soon :) ) to add to the herd. So I'm pretty excited about that.

Sunday morning I will leave Corvallis bright and early to head for home. I am so excited to see my rabbits! I will also be meeting the lady that is potentially buying my horse.... it will be a sad day, but hopefully & truly it is the right home.

During spring break, I will be truck shopping with my dad. I need a new vehicle, and I need a truck in general, so we're going to go 'shop' but not buy yet. I think I might have some good news by April 11th or so in that department though! Just got to wait until after tuition is paid before I know how much I can spend.

April 6th I have an interview for a summer job up here in Corvallis. Wish me luck as I hope I really get it! Also by then, we hope to hear back from the sheep unit pertaining this fall for living & work status. I can combine this deal with where I'm currently working.

I found out I can take some easy required classes at the community college, and their summer prices do not increase and its cheaper than the university so I hope to take about 7-10 credits while working full time. I also already know which classes I am taking this fall.

Having things planned out, even just the 'big' details makes life SO much SIMPLER (for the already stressed college student). I hate going around not knowing what my plans are, but now that things are falling into place I feel so "secure" and feel that not even a second of my time here is wasted.

That's all. Just a procrastination post... but back to studying!

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