Wednesday, August 4, 2010

1.5 weeks left!

Almost done with summer session. Took midterm 2 today, so that leaves me with my final next Friday. I probably won't rush home, but I'm certainly anxious to get back :)

I went home this last weekend. I culled out 13, 4 older juniors and 9 babies. Madonna has 6 of hers, and 4 of Brianna's. Giving Bri a break in hopes of showing her in the near future.

Hank Tank & Grizz are going through some junior uglies. I put them in bottom cages and told myself I wouldn't look at them for 2 weeks (which I can't!)

Rylee is due today. I am quite positive she is waiting for cooler weather, though I am very anxious and nervous for her!

2 seniors leave on Sunday, that will give me a few more holes to work with.

and.... still working on this judging work stuff... I wish superintendents would get back to me, so that is my biggest struggle right now.

I bought 2 silver marten does. I'll pick them up next month.

The website went under a complete overhaul, so did the blog. So you should check it out :)

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