Tuesday, July 20, 2010

4 more weeks to freedom!

I passed the first section of Organic Chemistry. It was a brutal 4 weeks.

I celebrated by going HOME and seeing my bunnies! I was able to sell 3, and get a peek at my 19 babies. I have 3 to cull, and will cull all of the bucks of my 19 babies -- because I am SO buck heavy. I don't even want to be tempted with them.

I have a really nice Broken Junior buck for sale out of Melinda :)

I bred Melinda to Dominic. I really wanted her to be bred to Dream Maker before he leaves, but he just would not breed! Oh well.

I am in the process of deciding on who I want to work with, and figuring out what shows they will be at and what shows I can attend. So far, it looks like I could finish around Feb 2011. It would also only involve going to California 3 times.... lol

I have 4 more weeks of school. I'm already stressed out just 2 days into it, but I hope that it goes well :D

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