Saturday, June 16, 2007

Keepers... needing names

This is a Broken Blue S. Tp'd Buck from Jenie and Lil' Hollister. I really like his Opal buck just a tad better, but I like this guy a lot as well!!! So I may keep him, but I may not. If the right show/breeding home comes along I would be willing to part with him. For now he stays though. This is a Broken Blue Doe from Cloey and Hollywood. She shows me nice type and promise.
Now this is a Opal Buck from Jenie and Lil' Hollister and I like him a lot!!! He has a great body on him, good head/crown for a junior boy and awesome color! He also as a sweet temperment.
This is a Broken Smoke Pearl Steel Doe. What a color! And not only what a color, but what a body, head/crown on this doe. She has compact type, great depth and width. I also like the HQ on this doe.
All of the juniors above need names; feel free to help me out!

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