Tuesday, July 24, 2012

*RIP* Rylee

Our beloved Rylee passed away on July 21st, 2012. She left behind a 5 week old litter by Remington. We were taken aback by her passing, because she truly was my favorite doe who brought be back from a low spot a few years ago. A back to back Best in Show, one being the West Coast Classic, was just what I needed to keep going and move forward. She is the sole reason I have colors in my herd today, because they CAN compete :) Rylee gave me 5 litters, all filled with joy. Today her GGG-babies were born by Carmelizer and Zeke. Rylee is rabbit that I will never forget for the wonderful impact she had on me, and the super sweet personality that she passed on to everyone of her offspring. :)

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