Wednesday, September 12, 2012

August led into September

July & August really flew by, not sure where the time went.

Carmelizer's litter is growing up. Guido has 2 does we're growing out. Bell Pepper's litter, we kept 2 of the 5 does (and know which one we will keep), and grew out the REW buck as well but we will probably part with him.

We're going to breed 2 does next month; Bell Pepper x Zachary & Michelle x Ruger Gold Label;

Convention sales went great, we are sending 6 pre-sold to Wichita, Kansas at the end of next month. 

Labor day came & went. We skipped Crescent City show for the 2nd year in a row simply because we have nothing to show and no money. :( Our next and most likely last show of the year will be our local RVRF show in Grants Pass. Not sure what we will show yet.

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