Friday, November 30, 2012


It's so hard to believe my last post was in September!

Sept 29th was my local RVRF show, Zachary picked up 2 legs. October 21st was the TCRA show in Albany, OR. Zachary picked up another 2 legs to grand. 

Convention rabbits left for their homes at that show as well. All made it to Kansas safely. All left safely except for LHHR's Ruger Gold Label, who passed away the morning of checkout. We now have 5 babies by Michelle out of him, so we were glad we were able to get her bred to him before he left. 

Old Bat's litter, still deciding on which doe to keep. They're both very nice and only time will tell in which doe we'd like to keep for ourselves. 

Culled a few rabbits last week, not sure how many lbs we put in the freezer, but with a "freeze" in sales, it was the right decision to keep feed costs down. 

Trying to get a couple does bred this winter, tougher than it seems! 

So... just down to the 10 rabbits and the litter. Been busy working and general life stuff! 

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