Thursday, January 10, 2013

Happy New Year?!

I'm not even sure where last year went, but it's gone!

This year, in regards to rabbits I just hope to stay in. I'm down to 9 rabbits with a litter of 5.

I have three does bred:
Cucumber x Zachary on 12/28
Annihilator x Storm on 1/6
Michelle x Storm on 1/8

Hoping some babies will get things moving along.

First show probably won't be until March or our local show in April at best. Just isn't a great time for traveling to shows, plus there's a lack of them this time of year anyways.

Everyone is doing good, just really cold (we've had snow & freezing temps lately) and lots of work. So haven't had time to work with the rabbits or do anything fun.

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