Saturday, May 12, 2007

Canby here we come!

Canby's entry is due soon. We are entering:
Stitch; RGC 6 legs
Honey; 2 legs
Bridget; Reg. 2 legs
Boomer; RGC 3 legs
MAD; RGC 4 legs
Habanero; 3 legs
*Peppercini & Buddy are coming along to get registered. We will be picking up Renee! She will be bred to Waltor (RGC; 10 legs) before she leaves.
*I will be working with Randy as far as we know.
*The Petersens will get my buns to the table, THANK YOU GUYS!!!!

Rogue Valley meeting tonite for our fall show. We will also be cutting some Satins tonight. Picking up some rabbit sales. STATE CONVENTION WEEKEND IS A GO!!!!! Got the days off and everything!!!!! Now to plan, LOL!
Gill has the pdf. versions of the catalog and entry form! View more info at

What else? AP Testing week is over and done. I cannot say that I did very well on the exams, but I do believe they were SUPPOSE to be hard. I think I did the best on Literature, of the three I took.

I am still trying to plan National Convention. We probably will not make any final decions until after state convention, but I'd really like to attend this year :)

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