Monday, May 14, 2007

Random thinkings

After some thinking if we would be making Canby, we ended up sending in our entry. I will be working with former ARBA Pres. Cindy Wickizer, as it does not appear our first choice will be available. We still plan to make it a weekend though, with lots to cover. Portland is still a discussion at the dinner table. Entries due this Thursday and Friday, so there is a lot to discuss!
On a more positive note, our juniors are looking very nice!!! The blue chin buck we have named Mr. Miami. He is going through a gwaky stage right now, but his big potential is there. His best features now are his head/ears/crown and fur! His chestnut sister, Down in Kokomo, is another nice doe! She has a wonderful body on her and has awesome crown definition. Their bkn chestnut sister, Arizona Sunset, came down with nestbox eye. This has not effected her at all (as she can still see for the most part). She also has a nice body and wonderful promise in the breeding area. Our Satin junior doe, (A BKN BLUE!!!!) Pacific Jewel "PJ" is turning around. She finally learned how to pose decently so we were able to get a good look at her! We are hoping she will add a lot to our small herd of Satins. Have 5 litters upcoming, 3 satin litters for meat pens and fryers at county fair, we also have 2 mini lop litters due the end of this month, from Blue Bijou and Black Pearl, sire to both is Lil' Hollister.

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