Wednesday, August 12, 2009

BEW Project

Jet Puff is a Jr. Doe born in May, she's not a lot to talk about type wise, but certainly better than my first BEW. I didn't keep her VM sister, just didn't have room. I'm going to try to breed her right to Crush at 6 months, and outcross Crush with some non Vienna does to get some typey Viennas to work with her offspring.
Jet Puff
Monday afternoon I picked up "Blue Crush" from Teri. Amy and I traded, I sent her up a Bkn Jr. Buck from Obnoxious and Twitch and I got a BEW Jr. Buck out of my stock. Not too directly related to Jet Puff, but just enough to swing those genetics back in. He has good type (for a BEW) and I am *very* excited to breed these guys as soon as I can.
Blue Crush

The BEW project is become a long process for me, two years coming up in November and Puff is only my 2nd BEW ever. If only I wasn't in college I'm sure this project would have come by a lot faster. :)

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