Friday, September 26, 2008

I made it! / RVRF Show

I survived the move. I originally was on the West side of campus but I moved over to the East side into a different hall on Sunday. I am now with one of my friends since kindergarten; I never imagined I would be living with her!

Have been crazy busy since I got here. Bowled, played pool twice. Volleyball at Dixon Rec. Went to Fred Meyer college sale (which was *insane*) and spent some nights cruzing the new town and hanging with friends, meeting new people and living the new life.

Thursday was OSU vs. USC. And we took them down, 27-21! We were really stoked and it was a great game, the Trojans just didn't have the stuff.
Celebratin the win on the field!
Brennan! Our NVHS Grants Pass hero who's a soph. now at OSU, big defense there!
Before the game...
Lower level. Looking out at all of us cheetos on the field :D
The score! And the big screen. Woot!
Our boys running onto the field for the intro.
The RVRF show.... was today. And I just got the results :) Maid Dignified won Best of Variety for her 9th leg under Roger Hassenpflug! Where I couldn't beat Andre, it still is nice to take a win in your last show of the year... thankies to my daddy for showing my girl!

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