Monday, September 8, 2008


Mike's sister's wedding was Saturday... it was excellent, before, during and after. I will share pics when they come back from the photographer.

Yesterday was spent fixing fences... Owning livestock has it's advantages but the fencework never ends. When we had the cows over in Central Point we were always fixing fences (and getting stuck in the mud!), but we've now bought a place just down the road, unfenced of course. That is in the process of going up down there, but we had to fix fences here at home. Lucikly it was pretty easy. The barn is clean and Mike and I are ready to bring in the hay. We'll probably get to that tomorrow since we didn't get to make our phone calls yesterday.

I leave in less than two weeks... I haven't even started packing or finished shopping. I havent even studied for my math course I am taking this fall. :( I feel very bad about that. We'll see if I can still pass.

The rabbits are doing well... The auto-water swtich was way-easy and I only have 2 litter cages on bottles. So it's very odd only having to do that. Way less time consuming, that's for sure. Everything is situated with the rabbits.... I still have to cement transport details for convention, but I'll get that lined up. Going to have Mike show Maid Dignified for me at the end of the month. It's been forever since I've just shown one rabbit.

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