Sunday, September 14, 2008

Gearing up

Since my last post, things have been rather hectic. We brought in half of the hay. Mike loaded/unloaded while I played with Gabe. It was pretty decent weather in the evening so it didn't take very long. We have yet to get the other half, we'll be doing that sometime soon. We found a place in Central Point that is selling good hay for a good deal.... all the Nor/Central Californian's are buying hay for $400+ /ton (not including delivery), so we are very happy with the deal we got. We're only buying from one grower this year, amazing.

Spent some time in Beavercreek; riding/training. It went well.... where I'm not sure if I get to bring Rex with me, I'll still get some time in. Had the horses trimmed here at home under a new farrier, he is way good! I still haven't broke the news to the parents about going to St. Helens in January.... I'll probably do that on Christmas break :) I also have to tell them about the Minnesota trip in Feburary. I wont know more details about the Nat. 4-H Colleigate Conf. until Nov. 3rd or so when they post more details.

The rabbits are doing well... Juniors are growing up. Weaned litters look way good! I can't wait to go over them when I get home. MAD had a rough time moving into her new home and she didn't make it. That, combined with Hollisters passing during the heat has left me pretty devastated but I still move on with the rabbits. Total count is 13 + 3 litters (and 3 will leave next month for convention, so it's really like 10). Someone will show Dignified at the RVRF show next weekend, although I dont know who will get the day off.

I probably wont post again until I get situated around October 1st or so..... so until then -- if you need to contact me, please e-mail me at and I'll try to get back asap.

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