Saturday, May 15, 2010


Yreka was last weekend. It was a blow other than Rylee's 1st place win in C. The judges weren't all that great, but I managed to sell a pair, register and have fun. I also watched a jackpot show!

Obnoxious kindled to 7 babies, on the 12th to Henry. Roxy never kindled ;(

Canby was today! Rylee was brought up by our friend Jennifer, and she ended up winning Best of Breed in A!!! There was a good amount of Mini's (70-80 or so) so it was all decent. She went up for BIS and she was a top contender but Judy Atchison's Mini Rex & Larry & Sharon Webb's Satin were just too hot to beat!

I got rid of another pair and managed to get home pretty early. Need to relax; have to get up early tomorrow. Another jackpot show!

Monday starts week 8... not ready for it at all. :(

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