Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Obnoxious has 8 babies, not 7. 4 solids, 4 brokens. They sound like steels :D

Rylee is housed at Jill Pfaff's barn until State Convention. I visited her yesterday and she looks like she is settling in well.

I turned in my application for Steer A Year. I am running for the Foreman position.
Tomorrow are elections for Agricultural Executive. I am running for Director of Correspondence, Public Relations Officer or the New Fields Editor... but I hope to get New Fields. I know it would be a LOT of work, but I think it's a great opportunity and would be something completely new.

I also received an invitation to the Celebrating Student Excellence dinner; I applied for a scholarship through the College of Ag and this is what this is for.... so I'm pretty excited about that. If I get elected for Ag Exec I'll have to go anyways. That would be the Thursday before I leave for Oaks Park.

Speaking of Oaks Park, I have entered Rylee in the double open. I'm just going to go for a few hours, hopefully pick up some bunnies? We'll see about that.
I will spend the rest of the Saturday in Canby at the Spring Classic as a part of the Clackmas County Stockman's Association. Some of my 4-Her's decided they wanted to participate this year, which means I have go go.

I am still figuring out Oregon State Convention entries. All I know is I'm entering Rylee and would like to enter Lea Ann & Compulsive Addiction, potentially Puerto Viejo if he comes out of his uglies. I'll have to wait and see how big they are in a week or so though. I need to save money.

Saving money.... Hardly possible when I am sending out my judges application here soon. I have it completed, sitting on my desk with the envelope addressed and stamped, but I have to fork out $100 to take the test. There is a $50 re-test fee. You talk about ridiculous. I am a broke college student... so it's been a hard decision to write the check. I need to do it soon though.

The website is 100% updated. Please check it out and let me know if you like the new look.

I have nothing else to report. Gotta get back to procrastinating!

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