Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I can almost taste it!

Just one lab tomorrow and 4 classes on Friday left!

After my last class on Friday, I'm flying south for the Oregon State Convention. This is the first year it hasn't been in Newport and it will feel weird not going to the coast. I entered Rylee in all 3 shows, and I entered Compulsive Addiction and Lea Ann in Sunday only. I can't afford much, and they are still young.

Oaks Park was decent! Vern Palmblad judged the A show so Tricia & Coley won with their buck Alf. Rylee won Best of Breed in show B under Cliff Dick. She got mentioned for BIS, but she's just too soft after being shown so much! The Satin that won was stunning though!

I picked up my bunnies from Emily. I missed Dominic more than I realized. Carly is a cute doe, older, proven, but I think she will re-coop well to where I can breed her soon. Thanks to Tricia for picking them up and bringing them down for me :)

I can't party too much this weekend, I have 2 finals on Monday. Monday night I need to take another final (flexible due date) but I want to work all day Tuesday so that would be my time to get it done and over with! I then don't have another final until Friday at 7:30 am. Talk about a weird finals week. I am sticking around for Graduation.... I then plan on going home for a little bit. Summer session starts back up June 21st. Too soon; 1 week is NOT enough!

Above is a beautiful sunset that caught my eye while studying. :D

Website is updated. All new pictures/info.

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