Monday, June 28, 2010

Washington State Convention

WOW. What a weekend.
Thursday night I left for my barn, and to pick up some transport rabbits and culls. I fit about 25 rabbits in my car comfortably, which was pretty impressive! I put them in Jill's barn for the evening and left Friday around 1. I got stuck in traffic in Salem, Wilsonville and when I got on I-205 there was an accident. I was about an hour and a half behind I figured. Somehow, I still made it there around 6:40, unloaded my rabbits and attended the judges conference. That night I set up my tent, studied for an hour and tried sleeping. Tried, being the key word.

Saturday, I made the whole effort of waking up at 5 am, had breakfast at 6. Fed/watered rabbits. Figured out and exchanged all my transports. Bought my checkers, a new carrier, Susie's ND buck, and did all that before 9 am. Took my test. That took a whole 2 hours. I was then able to show my Mini Lops.
Rylee was 5th of 21 in A, 1st & BOSV in B
Lea Ann was 3rd of 22 & 6th of 18.

There were about 150 Mini Lops entered (2000 for the whole show)

I wasn't even out of my test a whopping 25 minutes before I experienced the lowest filth of rabbit exhibitor conduct in my whole 11 years. These people know who they are, what they have done, the enemies they have created and the fools they have made of themselves.

At any rate, Velotta's Nell won BOB in show A. The Posey's chestnut buck won BOSB in show B.

My Checkered's... My new buck was 3rd in his class, and my doe, was 2nd in her class. She ended up beating the doe that the Silbernagel's are keeping. I am very happy with my purchase and my new direction. I can't thank Jeff & Terisa enough for this beautiful pair!

I culled out 2 Mini's, and I managed to come home with no new rabbits except for the new breed.

My trip home was entirely painful. I was hoping to get out of there around 10, but I was leaving WA around noon. That is after I had to pump my own gas. :)

Got stuck behind an accident/fire on I-84. I had to keep the AC on but when I had to shut off we were in the shade of semi trucks. I made it HOME before 9 pm, and then got into Corvallis about 12:40 this morning. I woke up at 7, so I didn't get a whole lot of sleep :(

Took my o-chem test at 10. If all goes well, I might go home Friday. I need to work on my checker run and cages, look at my new babies that are due soon, breed Rylee and perhaps another doe.

The website is currently being updated. Then it's back to studying!

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