Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pretty much done!

I have a final tomorrow, but I can fail it or get an A on it, and still get a B in the class. So I'm just going to relax a little since there's nothing really I can do about it.

I passed Stats (a relief!), got A's all so far. I'm pretty alright with how things turned out.

Oregon State Convention!
Was alright I suppose. Judges weren't great in A & B. In C Rylee won 1st & BOV. I'm not exactly sure why the Broken doe beat her, but I'm over the complaining stage, she's won far too much for myself to care. Compulsive Addiction won 3rd in his class! Lea Ann won her class of 9 or 10. The judge loved her and saw her promise!

I got rid of Sid, and came home with a little chestnut jr doe. (and my mom bought a Chinchilla, not the color but the rodent) I was able to get out of there early enough to make it back home before dark.

My next show is Washington State Convention. I entered 3. The same from this weekend. I am also camping. I can't afford a hotel, so $24 beats $200 :)

After tomorrow morning, I'm cracking down hard to study for my judges exam. I've never been so worked up about a test before, academic or not!

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