Thursday, June 17, 2010


WA State is next weekend. Test is in 8 days. Am I prepared? Slightly. I won't ever feel 100% prepared.

I have only entered 3 for WA State. Rylee, who is still holding that darned coat! Lea Ann, who looks very nice, and Compulsive Addiction, who is loosing his junior coat, but his new coat is coming in nicely. I don't think that should affect much... I am so happy with my replacements for Kristie, I don't feel bad for parting with her now :)

I am home from school, been here since Sunday night. I haven't really accomplished much except relaxation.

Today though, I got my rear in gear and cleaned half the barn. I cleaned all my carriers and equipment. I got out my tent, chairs and sleeping bag for WA State. Got the 5 big holes burned, scrubbed and pressure-washed. I have the two 6 holes and the one 9 hole'r left for tomorrow, but it was so nice getting those cages back and ready to use.

After all the cages get burned, scrubbed and pressure-washed tomorrow and put back in, I'll then blow out the auto-water line and get it hooked back up. It's due for a cleaning.

I spent a good portion of the morning building a run in the rabbitry for the Checkered Giant I am getting from the Silbernagels. I've always wanted one, but never had the gusto to actually go ahead with it. Owning a wooled breed inspired me to try something new out.... I think it will be an especially good experience to get a taste with the running breeds (which to be quite honest... I don't have a lot of hands on time with them).

I am getting some Dutch and Thrianta experience this weekend. I was also supposed to get really good Holland experience but I have postponed that until after WA State convention.

It's all a funny story, because I didn't forsee myself going for this goal until after college. But, college has been SO rough lately I need something to look forward to!

On the topic of looking forward, my juniors from Melinda amaze me! It was definitely a good cross, because I just can't get over this litter! Since Melinda is older, I won't feel bad if this is the last litter from her, though if she stays in good condition, I'd like to try one more time! I don't know if that would be greedy though.
Of the 7, I had a hard time cutting the litter in half. I was able to throw out a chestnut doe & buck, they were not "as nice" as their siblings. 1 Broken doe I am holding that I promised to a local breeder friend.2 Broken does, I like one over the other, but the second best doe is still really nice too.The Broken buck, is very nice! I want someone to buy him and respect him.
The Chestnut buck, OMG! I told myself I "had to atleast take a look at him, and not judge him by the fact it's a buck". Jaw dropped, he's gourgeous and I am keeping him!

I weaned Obnoxious's litter somewhat early. OBN is leaving on Friday to Karin Vail and I wanted to make sure her litter of 8 was well on it's own. So the 5 I'm not keeping are in with the 2 I'm not keeping from Melinda's litter and the 3 I am keeping have a cage to themselves.

Madonna & Brianna are fat, I can't wait to give them their boxes when I come home!

I'll be getting pictures before I leave, that is after the barn is spotless :) I'm sore, but tomorrow will be even worse!

I don't have anything else to add, other than trying to figure out how to fit all these rabbits in my car, moving my new roomate in on Sunday, and starting school on Monday... one week break was just NOT enough!

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