Sunday, January 31, 2010

Another 4800 miles.... Texas trip!

On Wednesday, I and 10 others left for San Antonio, Texas. We went there for the National Cattlemen's Beef Association Conference.

On a very short note, I had a GREAT time :D Really didn't want to come home -- especially since the stockshow was right around the corner!

Relating to rabbits:

Dominic & Tiffany left on Friday to go live with Emily Brown of WA. Thanks to Teri & Tricia for transporting them.

Rylee missed. I don't know if Stitch is sterile, because she "should have" taken. I will re-breed her soon, and hopefully he's not. At any rate, I lost my foster doe.
Maid Dignified kindled to 6 on the 28th. 5 steels & 1 Broken. They are living with a nearby breeder until they are 6 weeks old.
Maid Dignified and Money Maker left on Sunday with Teri. Money Maker is going to go live as a 4-H/Show rabbit in Gilroy, CA and Maid Dignified is on her way to live in Flagstaff, Arizona.

I am down to 9 rabbits :) I decided to put Matthew up for sale, I hope to breed him to a doe before he goes, but if not, oh well. Kristie is due to Money Maker on the 17th, so with two litters on the ground we need to keep it slow for now. I am hoping something in Kristie's litter will be worth keeping, I think it was a good cross.

School -- it's week 5 already. I have a make-up midterm tomorrow, other than that it's a week to catch up and prepare for my next two midterms next friday. Pretty soon it will already be time to be registering for next term's classes. :D

I don't know when my next rabbit update will be.... Perhaps when Kristie's litter is born or when MD's litter gets back home. :)

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