Monday, November 8, 2010

Yelm, Convention & more

Yelm show was a BLAST!
I did not work for my judges license, I transported sale & convention rabbits, I hung out with good friends, and I came home with a ML doe.

Hank Tank won BOSB in Show B, 4th leg. Rudolph's MGD won BOSB in A & B.
Jill's Black Dutch doe won BOB in A, and honorable mention in show.
Terisa & Jeff won BOB with their Checkers in A & B and RIS in show B.

Melinda & Lea Ann left with Shonna Ausborne to go to Convention. From there they are going to Tennessee.
Theodore left with Scott to get shipped out to go to Vermont.

Started today.
Melinda won 5th of 88 BSD's. Keep in mind she is 4 years old, has had 4 or 5 litters, 2 this year, and got weaned off her last litter on 10/23. She's a doe, that's for sure. But best wishes to Amy Terry!
Velotta's Twitch got 3rd of 69? BSB's. We have some good offspring of him, so congrats Nicole!

Other than that, school is just rollin on by. Week 7 started today. I am registering for my next terms classes soon and have it all figured out, figured out that I will have NO life.

I am missing the Monroe, WA show next month, so my next show wont be until mid December unfortunately.

I have Pyro & Lila due on Thanksgiving. I hope to get a bunch of other does bred then as well!

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