Wednesday, April 7, 2010


This week, I spent 11.5 hours working & 18 hours in class. I also spent a number of hours out at the sheep farm on Tuesday & Thursday.

When Friday rolled around, and I got done with post-op cleaning after work, I was *exhausted*. No words described my week.

I had an interview on Tuesday morning. It went very well; I'm highly qualified, but they are only hiring 3 people of 15 who applied. Last time I applied they hired 2 out of 20 (and I didn't get it due to my fall-term schedule).... but I am hoping for better this time... I really want/need this job and don't want to have to search for Plan B/something I don't want to do.... I don't find out till the 16th so in the meantime I am trying to come up with some back-up ideas. Being in a statistics course this term, I really don't like my odds!
*If* I get the job, I will without doubt, be taking credits at our local community college. I just want to finish up with my Bacc Core courses & there are a few I have left I just haven't found the time to cram into my schedule yet.

The Rabbits!

Show this weekend! I'm going home Friday afternoon. I was going to head home after my last class, but I just got notified of an employee meeting at 3... so that kinda blew my Friday plans before the show... Even if you plan something out in detail, there is always something that comes in your way!

Saturday, Kristie is leaving with Kim to head down to Utah where she will have her new home with Tanner. She will do a lot of good there.

I am taking Sid to sell (if Roxy takes) and Matthew. I had an inquiry on Matthew, but the breeder has since fell off the face of the planet. Due to this, I will be revising my sales policy & sales page a bit... I was doing so well but I hate it when people spoil things. I doubt I will sell him there though, as I am firm on his price. Henry is on hold, so that leaves me with a junior doe from Maid Dignified to sell. I thought my parents were going to give her to the breeder who took in the litter and took care of them for 5 weeks, so I don't know if they did that.

I will be breeding Obnoxious to Henry on Friday. And Roxy x Sid, so those are the only litter possibilities in addition to Melinda that I am expecting.

I am hoping to jet out of the showroom quickly. I want to do my Friday plans on Saturday... Knowing my luck, that won't happen.... I really wanted to land a truck deal this weekend, since it will be the only weekend I'm home in a while... but maybe this is a sign I should wait a little while longer. I really haven't found what I'm looking for yet anyways, so I should just settle... go back to my homework.... :(

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