Thursday, April 22, 2010

I can taste the weekend!

Week 4 is almost to an end, just 3 more classes tomorrow!

It's been a long week. Lots of sheep stuff.... Birthed twins today and cleaned up the barn a little, amongst applying to the community college so I can take some summer classes, getting my scholarship application finished, homework, work, labs, job searching, midterms and taking care of some bunnies!

Rylee left for Monterey this afternoon. I am not really so excited anymore because I checked with Rita and there is an embarrassing number of ML's entered... I guess that really shows you everyone has pretty much sold out :( At any rate, I'm still very glad she gets to go.

Melinda got her box yesterday; she is due on the 24th. She was bred to Matthew... I bred him to her because it was complementary & at the time he was going to be leaving this weekend, but the buyer had some issues so he's still for sale! [A very nice buck I might add :)]

At some point next week I'll enter for the Yreka show. They accept pretty late entries so I'm not too worried (already know who I'm showing) and it will be a great showing at that, always lots of Mini's here. :) Plus there is a specialty! Woot!

Just powering through spring term... Can't believe we're almost half-way done :D

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