Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Rough times

I already miss home, school is life, and the bunny life is rough. Plus the disgusting weather is creeping closer, yielding for some sour moods.

School. Hate my classes, dislike my professors and there is nothing to "look forward to" for the next 9 weeks. Week 1 was rough, and this weekend was much appreciated.

The herd reduction is doing alright. I am down to 18, with some sold, and some bred. Most sadly, the Martens failed to produce, so now I am stuck with 2 open does, neither of which I can breed back, nor show. So I'm pretty depressed, ready to give up.

Mini Lop breedings, Lea Ann is due on the 9th, to Dominic. Brianna is due on the 12th to Twitch maybe. And for upcoming breedings, Rylee will be bred to Zeus and Lila to Theodore on the 23rd. Lila will go home, Theodore will head north. As far as other sales, we have one possibly pending, and one pending. If Lea Ann failed to take, I will be parting with her as well. The other juniors that will head back with me on the 24th trip are Wall E and Nemo, who are Rylee & Melinda jr does. I also have space to bring up 1 or 2 more, but I will keep them open for now.

I am transporting for reputable breeders to the Convention pickup. I am not advertising my trip because I only need to cover my gas, which isn't that much because I'm only traveling 4 hours. I may also be traveling with a friend, which will cut gas expenses in half.

My next show is Albany, OR on 10/15-16. I'm not exactly sure what I am doing with the show just yet, whether working and showing and whatnot. Either way, its in my backyard so I have to attend, and I have no other commitments for that weekend.

That is about all of the rabbit news... except that I am brining home an addition on the 30th :) I don't want to jinx anything, so I am keeping my mouth shut for now!

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