Thursday, August 2, 2007

Summer Time

Had to take the nestboxes out today, the lil ones weren't even really using them to be honest. Kaluahs two are both does, Gigi has 2 bucks and 2 does, Peppercini has a buck and doe, and I didn't check the other three. Whops. Should be able to tell on Cloey's soon.

Will be breeding many does after fair. The weather will cool down a bit and we have 2 bucks we'd like to use excessively. Mr. Miami who will be going across the country in October and Quintessence. QT is a nice buck, but I don't think I'll hold out to keep him. I'd sure like some litters from him though.

Got my Convention catalog. It's real weird to plan all these details. Still got people interested in rabbits, but have to have everything wrapped up by the Redmond show, which I do hope to attend :)

Just a lil over a week until Yreka, sure getting excited :)

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