Saturday, August 4, 2007

Our Barn

I had to upload this pic to blogger because I wanted to show my barn on a rabbit message board. I was seeking advice on automatic watering systems and with stackers that seemed a lil more challenging... so I myswell just keep it up here... why not. Right side: 1st three cages I use them for brood does on litters or non-active rabbits. The next 2 cages are brood cages, the next two are brood or non-active and the 2 in the back are for non-active rabbits. Left side: first 15 cages are for non-active or show rabbits. Next three, the bottom two are for growing out juniors and the one on top is a brood doe cage. The next 4 are for non-active rabbits or for growing out young stock. Door is in front, window in back. Presto :) My barn... ha ha.

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