Friday, August 17, 2007

County Fair....

Really a summation of what has happened this week. I am too tired to fully explain everything, but will after fair I am sure.

Open Show:
BOB : Habanero - 7th leg
BOS : Miami - 4th and Sr. leg to grand
BOSV [solid] : BBLH1 - Blue Jr. Doe (Going to New Hampshire in October)
*Hab was mentioned, just didn't have the appropriate finish to her coat.

Champion Sr. & Grand Champion Showman (w/MAD)

4-H Conformation:
Champion: MAD
Res. Champion: Hollister {he actually looks really nice now that he's in coat!]
*MAD was 3rd in show
**all other rabbits recieved blues except for a BSD entered as a BJD who was in turn overweight because of the wrong class. oops.

Champion Sr & Grand Champion overall. 480/485 pts.

Master Showmanship:
Reserve Grand Champion..... lost by a few points. :)

Auction is tomorrow with awards ceremony being in the afternoon. We hope to get PJ bred on Sunday :)

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