Friday, August 24, 2007

busy, busy, busy

The title of this post does describe how busy we have been lately. I got on here merely to update the site, read e-mails and let everyone know we have not fallen off a cliff.

Fair took a toll on all of us. It was a long week, but we accomplished a lot. Tuesday night I was hit with some bad news that really put a dampner on my winnings and in fair that whole week. It was like I had been detached from my body and was just floating around watching myself compete at fair.

I have taken some time to step back and evaulate my life and what is going on in general. For the most part I am pretty happy, but there are some things that have to change.

State Fair, I was hoping to go. But at this point in time with the news I got on tuesday, I won't be going to many more rabbit shows. I will most likely only go to Crescent City and Grants Pass, *if* I go to another show, it would be Corvallis or Red Bluff in November or December.

I sold Buddy, to a nice lady in Cave Junction. It was pretty hard, being that he was one of the cutest bunnies that ever hopped the earth. But I have to do a major herd reduction. I am being forced to sell many of my best rabbits.

I sent in my CC entry. Here is who I entered:
Miami - SSB
Quintessence - SJB
Kokomo - SSD
Hollister - BSB
Habanero - BSD

Stitch - SSB
Bridget - SSD

It came up just under $100 for 8 shows, not bad.

I sent in my Royalty, Achievement and Management applications yesterday. Kind of late on the ball, but I am still not even sure I will be going. I am planning everything as I will be, but our Youth coordinator has not been very.... informing, to say the least. I had hoped to call her this morning but I just got too busy.

I tattooed RW5. She is the only one who didn't get chewed on in her litter and looks nice, so I better knock on some wood so she stays that way.

Still got a few rabbits molting. Stupid weather. And I know when I make the drive over to the coast that will not help either since its always cooler over there. But I am getting excited for CC, just one more week!

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