Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Showmanship doe and litters

I love my showmanship doe. She is a homebred doe, she granded this spring, 3 legs for BOB and 1 BOSV. She is a phenonomal doe. Deep, wiiiide, awesome head/crown/ear and has a cuteeee bkn pattern. She was a natural bred showmanship animal as her mom was my last years showmanship animal. MAD is truly a stunning animal. She is almost done molting, she may be ready for fair ;)

Our litters are coming along fine. Cloey x Stitch, WOW! I am impressed with all of them, not a weak one in the bunch. I have had my eyes on the opal buck and bkn opal doe though. Such wide heads! Kalauh's two does are coming along fine. I am not a fan of blacks, and I have soo many chin babies... so we will have to see which one is better. I can only afford to keep one. BB's litter is looking fine. I am taking the smoke pearl steel doe to Yreka in hopes of selling. The bkn blue looks like she will head to Monterey with BBCR. I am keeping "Fiona, Fifi, Fi" a real classy junior! WOW! Her brother Buster, has won our hearts and he has the type to stay in the barn! Renee's litter have nice type. But they had a chewing war. I had intentions of taking three of them to National Conventoin with me. We'll see. Peppercini's litter, the lil bkn chin has always come to strike me. She's a doe. So if she has the type she will stay. Gigi's litter, I like ALL of the bkn chestnuts... I especially like one of the bucks, but they are all promising! WOWZers! Classy kids I must say.

We will be doing some breedings around August 20th. We will post a list after fair of who will be bred. :)

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