Saturday, August 4, 2007

Cleaning.... and a stupid rabbit

This morning while it was relatively cold out (like 80 degrees) I decided to do some barn cleaning and bunny managment before fair, which starts next saturday.... Gave all the bunnies hay, seems like 3/4ths of my rabbits are molting, so I want to make sure if they groom themselves, the hair can pass through safely. Groomed a few rabbits. Even Stitch is molting... *sighs* I sure hope the heck he is done molting by CC triple! And Kokomo, she's about ready to blow. Honey and Hab are holding out okay *knocks on wood*

I bought some feeders from Grange in March, they were having a clearance, Bass and Little Giant feeders, for like $1 - 1.50 each. That's a steal when they are usually $5-7!! They have been on the floor in my room since then.. yep.

I wanted to attach them to the outside of my cages, the ones that don't have them (about 1/2 my cages) It will make it easier for my parents when they are feeding my rabbits when I am off at school and unbearably busy.

So I was cutting the hole in Jenie's cage, I had good luck so far on all the others. But of course, she has to be Jenie, not one of my favorite tempermented rabbits... She jumps out of her cage and onto the ground, and continues to reek havock running through the barn lightning fast behind and under all the cages.YIKES! She finally settles in the back of the barn. UNDER Black Pearls cage, in her drop pan. Not exactly sure how the hell she got in there, since there is only an inch clearance between the cage and tray. So she is stuck and cannot get out. I have to take apart my stacking cages and move them to get her out. What a chore. I put her back in her cage and she seems fine, although pissed that she got caught! I then had to reassemble the cages.

That's where I stopped cleaning. Got feeders one cages I needed to. Have about 3 more holes to cut. But I need a couple more feeders... Maybe. Or maybe I just need to sell some rabbits!

Anyways, I came up with a huge list of equipment I'd like to sell, frankly I just do not need it, even though most of it's in great condition. I have a 4 hole stacking system w/legs and trays, carriers, show table, scales, crocks and dishes just to say the least. E-mail me for a complete list if interested. I will be brining everything but the large cages to Yreka with me next Saturday!

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