Tuesday, August 28, 2007

busy, busy

We're still pretty busy around here. We have the barn done and ready, when Mike gets back from up north we will go get the hay {thursday or friday}.

Friday evening will be spent getting ready for CC. I am actually rather excited for this show, so we will see how it goes :) An update on everyone we entered/are bringing:
Miami - looking pretty good, minor slip on coat
Quintessence - looks good, good flesh/fur
Kokomo - looks great, maybe pushing weight, slight slip to her coat
RW5 - looks good :)
Hollister - has one tinnny mat on his but, but he has the best fur condition he's EVER had, pretty good flesh for almost 2 yrs old too!!!!
Habanero - looks great :)
Bridget - still slipping in her coat, but not horrid
Sitch - almost completely molting otherwise looks awesome.

Bringing 4 young juniors to sell, perhaps another junior doe {smoke pearl steel or bkn black} but we will not decide until friday. Our cage space is limited.

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