Sunday, August 26, 2007

taking a break

Just taking a break from working yesterday and today. We have to bring in the hay, which is going to be a chore itself. Last year we had a leak in the barn roof we could not fix, now we have to make some adjustments to the barn before we bring any hay in.

I spent most the week cleaning the horse barn and paddock. The manure trailer has been taken out of the back and now is ready to be dumped.

Since the horses have ate every shred in the pasture {yes, we let it get that bad} now all the rocks are coming up to the surface so we can pick them up easily. We live in the side of a mountain in oregon, rocks or "boulders" are very common to find in the ground. Often they are ankle twisters and for horses it's just horrible. Last year we could not work the horses without the worry of them stepping on one while running. Even if you add decomposed granite to the arena, you will still find rocks.

I groomed some rabbits this morning. A few of them are looking pretty spiffy for this weekends show. Not "perfect" but with the weather we have had, I am just happy they look they way they do!

I am taking 6 or 7 rabbits in hope of sales. These are rabbits I would rather them go to breeders than other means. Usually I don't have for sale stock at shows. I will be busy at Crescent City to say the least. 8 shows means I could only bring one breed. My Satins look pretty good, but more appropraitely will be ready by RVRF. :)

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