Sunday, August 19, 2007

Fair re-coop?

No I didn't sleep in this morning after fair. We had horses to be fed and things needed to get done. I got about 6 hours though, which is more than I got the whole week of fair :)

I am working on my royalty, achievement and management applications. I have to get them to Indiana by Sept. 1st, so I have to send them out sometime this week!

I also have to have Crescent City entries in by the 29th. So 10 more days {if I send them by e-mail}. No one is really in condition to show, but I CANNOT miss this one! So.... we either will have to hope the bunnies miracously turn around, or hope they are good enough to do well even with a fugly coats. It has been the weather - it rained today! sheesh!
Who could I show?
For Satins, no one is really ready. PJ is molting and the other 3 are too young for their coats yet even though they have good flesh and bodies.
Cloey, Kaluah, Gigi, Blue Bijou and Peppercini are on litters. Renee is still wiped by her litter. I just bred MAD, so she's out. She was in no condition after round robin and fair to go anywhere. She's meant to be a mom now.
Honey is motling, Jenie is past her prime. Hollywood and Boomer are motlting. Sunset is too big. Renee's litter there is only one in there I could fathom showing. Quintessence and Hannah are too gwaky to be showing. Stitch, Kokomo, Miami and Hab I could show... they have slipped their coat from a stressful fair and the weather, BUT, they hold good flesh and have awesome type, so I think they could hold their own. Hollister I swore I had retired, but he looks so nice now! who else..... we'll that's all I have... so I really don't have a lot of options.

I bred MAD to Miami today. Should be a *REALLY* nice litter. Both are RGC's with 4 legs at big shows. They compliment each other so nicely!

I will meet up with Katie this afternoon to drop off two Mini Lops that are going down to Cori of Buckskin Bunny Co-Op in Salinas.

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