Monday, August 13, 2007

Gearing up....

Holey guacomoley! I cannot believe county fair is already here!
Tonight we take the rabbits into the barn and put them in their appropriate coops, feed and water them for the night. Fair starts tomorrow, 6:00 bright and early.
Last night I got all my carriers off the shelf. I removed the waterbottles since it's only a 15 minute ride out to the fair grounds and they just catch on everything when trying to get them out of the truck. Most of the carriers still have hay in them from Yreka.
I counted how many rabbits I'm taking and I still come up two carriers short. Don't know how that happened, lol. I guess I will just use a small cage for some juniors I can throw together for a short time.
This morning after I watered, I set up one of the cage sets I haven't sold. Not like I want to, they have always been good cages for us :) I removed Renee's juniors from her cage, I put the three bucks in one cage and the two does in the other. I fed them and gave them plenty of hay to chew on. I hope that their coats will improve in 2 months for Convention. I'd REALLY love to take three of them :)
There are 5 babies I'd like to sell immediately from Peppercini and Kaluah. I can only keep one doe from Kaluah. I like them both so that will be a big decision I have to make. There are 4 bucks in Peppercini's litter. Will they be as nice as Boomer? Sure there is one chin buck in there that looks superb, but I just cannot keep another buck. I like ALL four of Gigi's babies. I mean, WOW. The quality that this doe throws out is just amazing! Her kids have picked up 3 legs each in limited showing, her daughter winning BIS and hon. mention and her son having an hon. mention as well! That was with Stitch. I like Boomer just as much.
Cloey's litter is doing well. There is a cute chestnut in there... But the Opal buck and Bkn Opal doe still seem to be the most massive with awesome head/crown/ear set ups. I cannot wait to see them a bit older so I can work on thier posing. They should be ready after fair.
What else is new? The Satin's are looking good. I am becoming more and more fond of the blacks because they are SO typey! The broken doe Bounce, is a cutie. She's coming along very nicely as well. My doe PJ is big enough, and mentally mature enough to be bred, in my opinion. Larger breeds generally take longer to mature, thus forcing breeding times back. BUT I have no doubts that Peppercini will do good on her first litter. I am hoping one of my Satin friends will have a self buck I can use :)
I have to groom some rabbits to perfection before I take them on out to the fairgrounds. Stitch is doing a petite molt, Hollywood is molting, Honey... wow I am not even sure if I want to take her! She looks like a big fluff ball! The others look generally okay. Boomer is a bit crusty as him and his neighbor decided to have a spraying war. One rabbit I wish I would have entered is my REW Holland Lop buck. A couple of weeks ago he looked like a huge cotton ball with red eyes, now he is perfect! If I wasn't so hard up on space I'd probably keep him, and I'm not going to just sell this guy to anyone, he deserves a perfect home. So if he doesn't sell, oh well :) He's like a lil' mascot for us :)
enoguh rambling. I will post whenever I get time off from fair, if available :)

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